The SpringSource seminar is a 4-hour seminar that will feature two talks by Alef Arendsen, founder and Principal Consultant, and Joris Kuipers, Senior Consultant at SpringSource. One talk will focus on the Spring Portfolio while the other will highlight the SpringSource Application Platform. The session will start around 1.30pm and ends at at 6pm, followed by a social get-together.

During the SpringSource Seminar, the following sessions will be presented:

Spring Portfolio; Current state and beyond
The Spring Framework 2.5 introduced comprehensive support for annotation-based configuration, along with full support for the Java 6 and Java EE 5 platforms. Now Spring is preparing for the Spring 3.0 release, introducing further annotation-based configuration options and unified expression language support. This talk discusses Spring as a modern Java 5 oriented application framework – covering the core component model, integration with common technologies such as JPA and JSF, as well as Spring’s annotation-driven web MVC.

SpringSource Application Platform

If you’re a Java web developer, you’re certainly familiar with monolithic WAR deployments and library bloat, and you’ve probably thought numerous times, “There must be a better way.” Well, there is! By building on the benefits of an OSGi runtime environment and combining the Spring and Spring-DM programming models, the SpringSource Application Platform offers enterprise web developers exciting new opportunities. This session will focus on developing web applications in an OSGi environment and will include a discussion of the migration path from a standard Java EE WAR to a fully OSGi-enabled web application packaged as a Web Module within a PAR. We will begin with an overview of deployment and packaging options available on the Platform and then take a closer look at each supported web deployment model from Standard WARs to Shared Libraries WARs, Shared Services WARs, and finally Web Modules. Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of how to both develop and deploy next generation web applications on the S2AP.

When: 8 October from 1:30pm
Where: Sociëteit “Het Meisjeshuis”, Ida Room, Oude Delft 112, Delft, the Netherlands
Registration: Click Here