Have you seen the announcement that our CEO Rod Johnson has been elected to the JCP Executive Committee? If not you can read the press release here.

So, what is the relevance? I think a couple of points here:

In the land of Giants
SpringSource has been named to the JCP’s Executive Committee joining such industry giants as SAP, IBM, Ericsson, Nokia and Philips.  For years, SpringSource has been bringing change to the JCP from the outside.  Now, we have the opportunity to bring change from the inside out.

Thought leadership and validation
SpringSource has revolutionized enterprise Java and become a very influential thought leader in the market.  In fact, this one of the major reasons for me to join SpringSource beginning this year. The election to the JCP validates the important role SpringSource plays in enterprise Java and demonstrates that SpringSource is leading the evolution of enterprise standards. 

The importance of standards
The JCP sets the standards in enterprise Java and standards provide our customers with assurances against vendor lock-in. SpringSource’s proven innovation and demonstrated understanding of how to operate in a open development system will bring a fresh light to the Java Community Process and help make the standards process more transparent and accessible for end users.